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Single phase 2hp submersible bore pump dimensions

Pump Dimensions:
L1 = 344
L = 694
DN = 1 1/4 "
Max = 96mm



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0.5Hp / 0.37Kw / 4 Stage / 4 Inch Three Phase Bore Pumps


Submersible 0.5Hp 0.37 kw 96stage single phase deep bore water pump

The 0.5 hp 4 inch submersible bore pump comes Coverco Submersible Motor


3 Phase Submersible Stainless Steel Deep Water Bore Pump

Pump Specification;

  • Item Number : 4COVSP5-4
  • Max diameter 96mm including cable guard
  • Power Rating: 0.5HP / 370W
  • Voltage: 3 Three Phase 415V / 50Hz
  • Stainless Steel Housing (true 304 Stainless Steel)
  • Water Flow (158,000L/day)
  • Max Delivery Capacity 6600L/H in (7M deep)
  • Outlet: 40mm / 1.5 inch
Litres per minute Litres per second Depth of Bore or Well
0 lpm 0 lps 23m
10 lpm 0.17 lps 22m
20 lpm 0.34 lps 21m
30 lpm 0.50 lps 20m
40 lpm 0.67 lps 19m
50 lpm 0.84 lps 18m
60 lpm 1.00 lps


70 lpm 1.17 lps 16m
80 lpm 1.34 lps 14m
90 lpm 1.50 lps 11m
100 lpm 1.67 lps 9m
110 lpm 1.84 lps 7m

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The water supply can be tapered back by a tap fitted at the top of the bore.

Purchase Pump with Coverco Motor $650


Please ensure that the inside diameter of your bore casing is at least a few millimeters larger than 100mm

12 months warranty on Wet End

2 Year warranty on Coverco Motor



Coverco Submersible Motor

coverco Italian submersible motor

3 Phase Starter contactor

3 phase Control Box

For 3 Phase Starters and Controls - Click Here



TThis pump is suitable for a bore casing larger than 100mm in diameter as the pump diameter including the cable guard is 96mm. You would need to allow a few millimeters on either side of the pump for water to flow past the pump. It can also be used with a 5" or 6 " 150mm bore casing. If it is to be used in a 5 " or 6 " bore casing, it is recommended that you shroud the pump. This helps keep the motor cool. This pump is best suited to bores varying from 7m deep to 22 m deep. Designed for domestic clean water use.

Coverco 4" oil lubricated submersible motors and controls have been supplied into Australia as the premium oil lubricated motor for over 15 years and have been installed extensively over that time.

Coverco offer you a lower cost product to compete against other oil lubricated motors.

The Coverco 4" lubricated motors and controls are priced very competitively for you.

  • Single and three phase
  • 0.37 to 7.5kW
  • Maintenance Free
  • Low and High Thrust Models
  • Enamel insulated wire wound stator
  • FDA approved non toxic lubricating fluid
  • 304SS outer shell
  • Mechanical Seal with Sand Slinger

submersible coverco motor


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Need to reduce the water flow? A tap at the top of the bore can be used to reduce the amount of water being pump out from the bore
Bore pumps can be throttled back by assembling a tap at the top of the bore. With a 0.5 hp bore pump, you can use this tap to reduce the flow right back to less than 0.5 Lps if required. However, if you do need to tapper back the flow of water to this amount, you would need to shroud the pump.

What size submersible cable do I need?

This chart is just a guide to help you get an idea of cable size. It is recommended that your local electrical supply outlet do your cable selection for you.

Cable length in meters from motor to control box Cable size
From 0 to 360 meters 4 wire x 1.5mm2

Demand feed from bore to house or garden without using a water tank

It is also possible to pump water directly to the garden / house without having to pump into a water tank.

For more information on pumping directly to the house or garden click here

Using a submersible bore pump to pump on demand from the bore or well to the house and garden
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